Thomas Fabian Totten

Thomas Fabian Totten delivers a mesmerizing performance on the Core Collection H-575, showcasing its full-bodied sound and versatility across different musical landscapes.

Tom Ford

Tom Ford effortlessly explores the lush tonal palette of the Core Collection H-575, highlighting its exceptional clarity and depth.

The Finest Tonewoods

We meticulously select the highest quality curly maple for the top and body, ensuring the Core Collection H-575 not only looks stunning but provides a rich, resonant sound.

225 Classic Archtop Humbuckers

Crafted specifically for Heritage Custom Shop archtop models, these pickups embody Heritage's commitment to tone and quality. They offer a warm, articulate sound, perfect for jazz, blues, and beyond.

Nitrocellulose Finish

This finish has a vintage gloss that adds a
subtle shine and smooth feel. It wears and ages throughout the guitar's lifetime. Also available in Artisan Aged finish.

Distinguished Headstock

Featuring the Heritage logo and a Twin Arrow inlay in vintage gloss, the headstock is complemented by 3x3 tuners laser-etched with Heritage graphics.

Vintage Inspired Touches

From the comfortable '50s C-shaped neck profile to the rosewood adjustable bridge with a full-contact wood base and trapeze tailpiece, every detail is designed for unparalleled playability and sustain.

Made in America

Our dedicated artisans at 225 Parsons Street draw on their experience and unmatched expertise to ensure that each and every guitar is built with pride, passion and attention to detail.