Justin Derrico

Justin Derrico delivers a dynamic performance with the Core Collection H-157, showcasing the power and versatility of the 225 Hot Classic Humbuckers.

Nicolas Fresard

Nicolas Fresard pushes the limits of the Core Collection H-157, exploring its range and rich, powerful tones, demonstrating the guitar’s capabilities in an electrifying performance.

The Finest Tonewoods

Highest quality curly maple and genuine mahogany are used to craft the guitar body. The curly maple top version articulates top-end responses, whereas the mahogany top version exudes more pronounced mids and warmth.

225 Hot Classic Humbuckers

Wound in-house and inspired by vintage sounds, these pickups offer more power and a hotter tone profile. They provide quick note attack without sacrificing touch sensitivity, and deliver overdrive with greater intensity.

Nitrocellulose Finish

This finish has a vintage gloss that adds a subtle shine and smooth feel. It wears and ages throughout the guitar's lifetime. Also available in Artisan Aged finish.

Distinguished Headstock

Beautifully bound headstock, featuring a Kite inlay in vintage gloss. The headstock is complemented by 3x3 tuners laser-etched with Heritage graphics.

Vintage Inspired Touches

The '50s C-shaped neck profile is truly comfortable to play, while the multiply binding on the body and gold hardware make for a luxurious aesthetic.

Made in America

Our dedicated artisans at 225 Parsons Street draw on their experience and unmatched expertise to ensure that each and every guitar is built with pride, passion and attention to detail.