Storage and Humidity

As your Heritage instrument is temperature and humidity sensitive, do not expose it to extreme temperatures or humidity as this can be damaging to it. Any overexposure to sunlight will also cause the stain color to fade. When storing your guitar, the recommended temperature would be between 70 and 74°F, and the optimal humidity level would be between 40%- 45%.

Caring for your instrument’s finish

In order to keep your instrument in the best possible condition, we recommend using a soft, clean and dry cloth to wipe the entire instrument and it’s strings down thoroughly. Be sure to use only quality commercial polishes (without solvents, silicones or abrasives).

We do not recommend leaving Heritage guitars on stands or hangers with any chemically active synthetic/surgical tubing for long periods of time. Doing so may cause a chemical reaction with the nitrocellulose finish on our guitars. The best long term storage for your instrument is still in its case. Be sure to remove your strap after each use, as extended contact with leather straps and other synthetic materials may also cause unwanted chemical reactions with nitrocellulose finishes.

Taking care of your fretboard

When cleaning and conditioning your guitar’s rosewood or ebony fretboard, we recommend using trusted fretboard oil only. You may also use a handy toothbrush or fine steel wool to regularly clean tarnished frets and dirt that has built up on your fretboard.

Apart from dirt, corroded or worn strings will also cause loss of tone. This may lead to tuning instability and intonation issues. We highly recommend having fresh strings on your guitar so you can enjoy it to the fullest.